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Updated Single Sign-On (SSO) Logon Option (PIV Card)

VA has chosen to use VA's internal SSO solution (SSOi) to improve the TMS 2.0 login experience. For those wishing to log on using SSOi, you will need to be logged on to the VA network so you can access this URL -
  • A link to the TMS 2.0-SSOi page has been pushed to GFE IE Favorites, VA Shortcuts/National folder for easier future access.
  • Click hereto access the job aid.

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Click on this link to the video tutorial, Navigating TMS 2.0, to take a quick tour.

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If you need assistance with the VA Talent Management System (TMS 2.0) contact the Enterprise Service Desk by going to the yourIT Services website or via phone at 1(855) 673-4357. Minimum screen resolution for optimal use is 1024 x 768.
Access information on the new Help Desk phone tree here

The VA Talent Management System web site is intended for employees and staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veteran-related information about education, benefits, and other services are available on the VA Home Page.

Warning:This U.S government system is intended to be used by authorized VA network users for viewing and retrieving information only, except as otherwise explicitly authorized. VA information resides on and transmits through computer systems and networks funded by VA. All use is considered to be with an understanding and acceptance that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy for any data or transmissions on Government Intranet or Extranet (non-public) networks or systems. All transactions that occur on this system and all data transmitted through this system are subject to review and action including (but not limited to) monitoring, recording, retrieving, copying, auditing, inspecting, investigating, restricting access, blocking, tracking, disclosing to authorized personnel, or any other authorized actions by all authorized VA and law enforcement personnel. All use of this system constitutes understanding and unconditional acceptance of these terms. Unauthorized attempts or acts to either (1) access, upload, change, or delete information on this system, (2) modify this system, (3) deny access to this system, or (4) accrue resources for unauthorized use on this system are strictly prohibited. Such attempts or acts are subject to action that may result in criminal, civil, or administrative penalties.